It's goodbye from Henri!

Dear friends,


The past 5 years have been the most incredible journey that I can’t quite believe has happened. Henri began in September 2016 as a tiny wooden rail with 5 women’s shirts for sale. I look back on this starting point and feel really quite nostalgic for this moment in time. I had no idea the people I was going to meet, the things I would learn or the incredible places I would travel to. All I knew was that I was passionate about creating good, sustainably made women’s staples and I felt sure there was a big gap in the market for ethical fashion.


So why have I taken the decision to bring Henri to an end? This summer I enrolled in a one month tailoring course which taught me many new practical skills, but more importantly it gave me a precious month of thinking time. I spent 6 hours a day doing silent, studious handwork; I’ve never had so much time to think with no distractions. It gave me the chance to reconsider the purpose of my work and the direction I want to take it in. I can understand why meditation retreats can be so powerful - I truly left this course a different person, with a different value landscape.


So with this thinking time came the decision to move on from Henri and continue with different project - The Modern Sewer. Since launching this business in June I feel so inspired by the world of home sewers, a community which has quite literally boomed since the pandemic; so much so that they are changing the landscape of the fashion industry. I believe a new generation of home sewers is an incredible answer to daunting sustainable and ethical problems in fashion’s global supply chains. And not only is it good for the earth, sewing is good for the soul too. As the Guardian’s Fleur Britten said last week, ‘It feels so empowering to have crafted from scratch an extension of who you are’.


We’ll be wrapping things up at Henri by the end of October but you never know what the future holds and it might not be goodbye forever. We’ll be holding a big closing sale in our studio (details below) and in the meantime please enjoy our online sale, with a few archive pieces resurfacing for the occasion.


I invite anyone who's intrigued about home sewing to join our journey at The Modern Sewer - click here to find our website and here for the instagram. You'll start to see more Henri favourites joining the collection of patterns and remember that learning to sew is completely achievable. I'd be so happy to see some of our customers pick up this fulfilling skill and hobby.


Thank you to EVERY SINGLE customer, it has been the most incredible journey and I’m truly so grateful to you all.