Garment Care



Your Henri piece will be made from 100% natural fibre and it may also be handwoven or naturally dyed. These crafts can require a lighter touch when it comes to washing so have a read of our care tips below. 

Stain Removal

For a natural stain remover, try bicarbonate of soda & water, or sprinkling salt over fresh stains such as red wine.


We recommend using gentle, eco-friendly, non-bio washing detergents such as Ecover. 


To help reduce shrinkage, hang your wet clothes away from strong direct heat.


Regurlar ironing encourages the weave of the fabric back into it’s original shape after washing. This helps to keep the structure of the garment intact and even helps to reverse minor shrinkage.

Natural Dyes

If your garment is naturally dyed you will see subtle changes to the colour over time. This is because the dye process is completely free from harsh chemical treatments. Gentle hand washes will help to keep the colour lovely and bright.

Sun Bleach

Did you know that leaving your whites in direct sunlight can lift stains or discolouring? In the same way, harsh sunlight can cause discolouring of darker dyed fabrics (something to be mindful of at the beach).