Our top picks near the Henri store

It’s a bank holiday! We can already smell the upcoming barbecues and the clink of beers in the sun. If you’re planning on visiting the Henri shop this weekend, we have a few recommendations for things to do, eat and drink in the local area. Hackney Road is bustling on the weekends and we love having a little explore. Hopefully, some of these will entice you to the area…
Campania and Jones:
We couldn’t mention food and coffee places in the area without mentioning our favourite spot- Campania and Jones. It is always such a treat to stop by here for coffee and a pastry or treat ourselves to a delicious bowl of traditional Italian pasta. If you’re looking for the perfect spot for lunch in the sun, you really can’t go wrong with Campania and make sure you order the bread with olive oil- so simple but the tastiest we’ve had in a while.
Little Georgia Cafe
This is a really cute spot for those wanting to expand their food horizons and try a cuisine less catered for in London. This little cafe has a range of authentic Georgian dishes- the shoti (Georgian bread) is a must try. It’s also BYOB too so you really can’t go wrong with this one.
Again, one we couldn’t not mention. Morito is a popular hang-out on Hackney Road and is the perfect place to head to if you’re with a group and want to try all of the food (it’s mostly Cretan inspired). Order everything from the menu- it’s all little tapas-style plates and complimented with a really great range of wines, sherries and beers. The perfect place to pretend you’re on a bank holiday getaway to Greece! If only…
The Laughing Heart
It’s easy to walk past this one, understand and low-key cool, The Laughing Heart is home to a very well stocked wine bar, restaurant and off-licence. You’ll find locals drinking here until the early hours (it’s open until 2 am!) and luckily the food here is pretty good too so you can try and sober up after all that natural wine with a tasty dinner.
Craft and Draft
If beer is your thing, then head over to Craft and Draft for a little tipple. They have over 350 different craft beers so you will be spoilt for choice here. They also allow you to fill your own bottles here (winner) so there is no excuse to stick to a boring corona when you can go for a locally brewed beer instead! 
Mindful fashion
69b Boutique
We definitely recommend taking a walk down Broadway Market if you’re in the area, it’s full of trendy eateries and shops. 69b lies right bang in the middle of these, stocking a multitude of sustainable brands, which we at Henri, obviously approve of.
Ally Capellino
Ally Capellino is famous for her beautiful but practical bags, with a focus on sourcing materials and labour sustainably. Ally’s look is minimal and these are the kind of bags that will last you a lifetime and never go out of fashion. Here, here!
Brick Lane Market
If you’re looking for a leisurely Sunday activity post- lunch at one of our recommended spots, take a walk to Brick Lane second-hand market where you can pick up a vintage gem. At Henri, we love buying second hand as this reduces the number of clothes sent to landfill and creates a circular economy where we reuse and repair.
Hidden gems:
Choosing Keeping
If you’re looking for your next notebook and pen, look no further than Choosing Keeping, who have a beautiful little stationary shop on Columbia Road. Find everything from gorgeous notebooks, to marbled wrapping paper and every kind of pen you can imagine. It’s easy to spend hours in this special little shop and come out having spent a fortune on the contents of a new pencil case, but so worth it!
Hackney City Farm
Pop into Hackney City farm to see a lovely example of a local community who’ve bonded over their passion for local, seasonal and organic food. Say ‘hi' to the farm animals, pick up some fresh eggs from their chickens and stock up from the plastic-free bulk organic market they have just introduced, named ‘Get Loose’. End the trip with a wholesome meal in their sweet cafe which uses produce from the farm.
Get Loose opening times: Wednesday 6–8pm, Thursday 5–7.30pm & Friday 11.30am–6pm
Conservatory Archives
If you’re a houseplant enthusiast then we’ve found your heaven. Entering this little shop is like walking into a condensed Kew Gardens- plants everywhere! Find really reasonably priced pot plants, hanging plants and every other pretty, green thing you’re on the hunt for. We’ve kitted out the Henri shop with greenery from here and we will definitely be back for more. You can never have too many succulents right?