Henri Pin Badges

At Henri we believe in pioneering the future we want to live in. For us this means fighting to support the marginalised women who make up the majority of the work force in the fashion industry.
We are working with a women's cooperative on producing our drawstring packaging bags that are made from khadi. Based in Jaipur, the women within this cooperative have access to training, education and health care in order to become self autonomous and financially independent. 
On our up and coming trip to India, we will be visiting the cooperative, meeting the women who run it along with personally teaching a two day workshop on shirt-making - the Henri way!
Ahead of our trip we wanted to raise money for Gram Bharati Samiti - the charity that supports this cooperative, amongst working to establish an equal society and ecologically balanced habitat. 
If you've got a thriving pin badge collection or know someone else who does, why not add to it. Pin a little Henri shirt to those battered and well loved denim jackets and tote bags.
These pin badges we made in partnership our good friend Lewis of Seven Green Moons.
100% of profits go to charity.

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